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Reading a Braille with Doctor

Private Duty-Home Care

To provide the best home health care, services are individualized to meet the specific needs and culture of each client.  We bring high quality, compassionate care right to your current  living environment.


  • Monitor medical status changes of clients

  • Provide various daily living activities & range of motion exercise

  • Observe for early warning signs of health issues & manage chronic illnesses

  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals including therapy services

  • Educate clients, families, and caregivers

  • Develop and implement care and recovery plans. 

  • Maintain records of treatment plans and progress

  • Develop daily plans of care for clients

  • Track oxygen levels, use heart monitors, or other advanced in-home equipment

  • Provide personal medical care including nail trimming, oral cavity cleaning, and bowel program supervision

  • Administer medication including injections, inhalants, eye drops, oral, and topical medications

  • Provide nutritional services

  • Provide homemaker services

  • Administer medications and handle medical devices

  • Provide hospice care

  • Perform prescribed medical procedures such as wound care, catherization and blood draws

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